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Hornady One Shot Tumbler Media - Corn cob 76 oz

Hornady One Shot Tumbler Media - Corn cob 76 oz

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The Hornady One-Shot Tumbler Media Cob 76oz. is just what you need to clean your cartridge cases to make them look and act like new. This tumbler media is made from ground corn cob and was specifically designed for use with a case tumbler, like the Hornady M-2 110-Volt Case Tumbler.

If you are looking for a high-quality tumbler media to improve the smooth operation of your press and dies, or to clean and polish your reloads, look no further than this 76-ounce container of Hornady One-Shot Tumbler Media Cob. The abrasiveness of the tumbler media removes tarnish and residue, leaving your cases and gun parts with a like-new finish.


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