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Lee Bulge Buster Kit

Lee Bulge Buster Kit

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The Lee Bulge Buster Kit is a must-have for the serious reloader in order to ensure that your handgun brass is completely bulge-free. The Lee Bulge Buster Kit features a push-through die adapter, which quickly removes the bulge rings that a standard die cannot reach due to shellholder constraints.

Included in the Lee Bulge Buster Kit is the extension sleeve, the push-through punch, and the catch container. With this kit in hand, you can process your handgun cases quickly and easily. With the addition of the Lee Factory Crimp Die, you can repair rimless cases as well.

The Lee Bulge Buster Base Sizing Kit is the perfect accessory to make reloaded ammunition more reliable. This kit installs quickly, easily and is a breeze to operate. After installed in a Lee Carbide Factory Crimp Die (Not Included) all the reloader does is push through a pistol cases that exhibits a low base bulge. The carbide sizing ring from the factory crimp die removes the bulge producing more reliable ammunition.


  • Fits: Lee Factory Crimp Dies (380 ACP, 40 S&W, 10mm Auto, 41 AE, 45 GAP, 45 ACP, 45 Win Mag
  • Function: Removes the lower base bulge that can be found on some cases fired through today's popular auto-loading pistols
  • Material: Steel
  • Notes: Will not work with 9mm Luger


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